Career Support in UK

After your departure to the UK, a ScotsGrad counsellor will be assigned to you to stay in touch on your career progression. This person shall be in touch with you at the right time, after you have settled down in your university accommodation, made some new friends and also well in your academic studies.

It is important that we emphasise here that the Career Counsellor from ScotsGrad shall not support you in your academic work. His or her support shall be restricted to your career. We shall ensure that you are focussed and if you need assistance in terms of choosing projects for your dissertation we can assist. Although we cannot make any promises, we shall do our best but we would expect you to approach us well in advance, usually as early as January/February (about 4-5 months from the commencement of your Sep/Oct intake).

We would also be in touch with you to check if you are seeking the support of career services in your university. Given that 2021 graduates being the very first time after many years that the post study work visa is being introduced, we shall keep you posted in terms of the action plan that you need to undertake to make this application for extension of stay beyond your Tier 4 visa period. As part of this we offer uniquely in the UK market, job placement assistance via ScotsHunt (our sister concern in UK). Our job placement service is delivered by ScotsHunt Ltd; a consulting service company incorporated in UK with support centre at Chennai. In 2019 & 2020 we have given internships to students in University of Stirling (Data Science & Big Data) and Strathclyde (MBA Students).

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ScotsHunt was incorporated in UK in 2018 by a small group of like-minded individuals who felt the need to establish strong links between UK establishments with their overseas counterparts which includes facilitating partnerships between university to university, university to corporate and Business. The motive is to enhance the business relationships of UK academic institutions and corporations in the eyes of the world in particular with India.

We also believe we can help spread the reputation that UK Universities enjoy within the UK to the India market. There is no doubt that UK degrees enjoy a high reputation in India. Our aim is to ensure that we carry the reputation to the best of our abilities.