Why do you need an Admission Consultant like ScotsGrad?

Our Consulting advisory is all about preparing your mind to make as successful an approach as you can to these highly demanding, highly competitive institutions. This means every application is utterly bespoke, because it is all about matching who you are as best as possible with the individual institution’s highly specific selection criteria.

We want you to be aware that in this rarefied, very elite arena of the academic sector, the selection criteria go beyond your grade achievement. To stand out from the cleverest of the clever around the world, you have to show sides of yourself that indicate a well-rounded personality, leadership traits in the making, a service-minded approach to your community and awareness of current affairs, global trends, cultural influences and, not least, your own personal self-awareness.

Premier Universities service for Business and Management, MBA and Humanities

ScotsGrad launches its Premium institutions paid service to aspiring students who wish to apply to any of the below institutions.

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • London Business School, (University of London)
  • London School of Economics (University of London)
  • CASS Business school (City, University of London)
  • Imperial college

For MBA applicants, the service can also extend to:

  • INSEAD France
  • HEC France
  • IESE Spain
  • IE Spain
  • ESADE Spain
  • IMD Switzerland

Our Service Offering

Our differentiating Approach

  1. Scrutinise your personal statement :
    • Coach the student to express themselves concisely, eloquently and effectively
    • Match the student’s strengths directly to the value criteria of the elite institutions
  2.  Review CV & guide student on how to present all key data with absolute clarity and precision.
  3. Provide interview preparation to:
    • Identify the intent behind forensic questioning
    • Answer in a relevant, powerful and persuasive manner
    • Provide evidence to backup facts on your personal statement and CV
  • University and course selection
  • Scrutinization of CV –  Comprehensive Profile Evaluation 
  • Resume coaching for academic
  • Scrutinization of Personal statement
  • Personal statement coaching for application of Programs
  • Letter of Reference Validation
  • Application filing 
  • Mock Interviews
  • Visa application

ScotsGrad Admission – Process Flow

The process flow of the service

  1. Register your interest in answering this link so we can understand your needs and Profile
  2. Be invited by ScotsGrad team to have an initial conversation to discuss your requirements
  3. Richard Kemp reviews your interests and your CV and gives an opinion on the possibility of your admission for the chosen field of study.
  4. Pay for the service
  5. Get access to videos and guides to prepare CV and Personal statement as per the requirement as expected by these premium institutions.
  6. Develop your CV and Personal statement based on the document guide for Richard to review.
  7. Direct conversation with Richard over zoom call and to take advice on enhancing the qualify of your output in the CV and Personal statement.
  8. Preparing the documents essential for filing of applications.
  9. Applying to 3 universities and awaiting outcome
  10. Interview guidance with Richard if universities invite your for an interview
  11. Finalise the offer and make payment to the University
  12. Apply for Visa and visa guidance by ScotsGrad

Post Admission Support

How an International Student should prepare to succeed in Western Education System?
ScotsGrad Workshops will nurture students talent through different workshops

Design Thinking Workshop

  1. How to bring in change in thought process to adapt to Western Education?
  2. How to think differently away from one’s comfort zone in an academic perspective?
  3. How to adapt to western culture and creating networking in the corporate and social circle?

Academic Writing

An awareness on academic writing and how to perform well in written assignments

An awareness of the seriousness in plagiarism and the consequences thereof.

Personality and Behaviour
(Lumina spark – A psychometric assessment of personality)

Lumina spark is a UK based personality profiling questionnaire that gives a complete picture of your personality with a 40 page report on who you really are as a person

  • Explore your own personality and in what it may facilitates or hinders with others in the corporate and social setting?
  • How to adapt your personality to suit the your colleagues personality traits?
  • How to learn and nurture your leadership qualities?

Visa Guidance

  • Ensuring you have the documents necessary to proceed with visa application.
  • Preparing you for University Pre-CAS” interview (if called for)
  • Preparing you for the UK Visa interview (if called for)

*CAS- it is Confirmation for acceptance for studies issued by University. This document is needed to apply for your student Visa

Our Facilitators

Kathiravan A

Technology & Finance


Richard K

Management Programs
& Arts


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