An Overseas Education Specialist is a person who has extensive experience of the different types of learning available to you through various education systems around the world. These specialists are here to assist both individual students and their stakeholders, usually in the form of their families, to avail of the benefit and impact of education from the best possible available overseas universities.

The very best of these Overseas Education Specialists will have deep knowledge and insight into the faculty depth and expertise of individual institutions and of the national system of education as a whole. Education is a fast-moving field, so this knowledge is incredibly valuable to you. Chooskng the best possible place to start the learning that will underpin your future career ensures you are likely to get the career start you want.

What does an Overseas Education Specialist do?

Overseas Education Specialists operate in an environment where it is the quality of their strategi relationships and partnership with top-tier universities that defines the nature and quality of the expertise they can offer you. This is very much an economy 5.0 proposition where the Specialist is able to pivot and move to give you information and advice that is absolutely current, up-to-date and effective. The Overseas Education Specialist will act as a peer in a learning system that comprises universities, domain-expert faculty, alumni communities and go-to destination employers in the fast-growth, exponentially innovative sectors of the post-Covid cocreative global economy now driving future success.

You will be able to see the quality of these relationships by the way in which the Ovesaes Education Specialist is able to arrange faculty contact on the ground, learning partnerships between overseas and local universities and institutions, and in the depth of its relationship with the wider community all around you. All Overseas Education Specialists are constantly investing in these relationships in order to stay up to date with current affairs and keep one step ahead in the game of high potential global career advantage for you.

Through these unremitting endeavors, and the experience that they gain in the field, the specialist gains a significant level of understanding of where competitive advantage sits in the global, overseas education system for the domain arenas that matter to your career future. They will be well informed about specific types of innovative expertise, as well as how faculty connections and applied research insights can open up opportunities for you. For example, the specialist should be able to describe to you why a particular faculty is at the nexus of various exponential drivers shaping a particular sector of the economy. This is important because the jobs defining high potential careers in five years’ time do not actually exist in the world today.

There you have it, that is what an Overseas Education Specialist is responsible for: helping you better understand the opportunities you have by optimizing the qualifications you hold right now to enter an overseas education system.  The specialist will help you review a number of learning pathways and qualification outcomes so that you can make appropriate overseas university choices in full confidence of their relevance to you for your career future.

Do you want to know more?

Ask your best-reputed locally available Overseas Education Specialist for their view on where the best starting points for your intended career future now lie in the study abroad options available to you.

Do not be afraid to:

  • Ask for evidence that the specialist has direct contact with overseas domain-expert faculty
  • Probe for success stories in the alumni community and among destination employers
  • Understand how the specialist can help you prepare to make the most of your study abroad
  • Understand how you can get help or support from the specialist while studying abroad
  • Ask how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that can affect your arrival experience

Ask about awards, bursaries or grants that may be available to you because of the experience and diversity that you bring to the faculty and other students on your intended program.

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