Jobs in UK for Indians is the perfect desired destination. Approximately 500,00 international students enrol across the country. Job prospects in UK for Indian students is growing steadily. been the second biggest contributor to this growth. An impressive jump since the UK government has launched the Graduate route. Furthermore, the UK is gearing up to target 600,000 international students by 2030. This makes Jobs in UK for Indians a perfect place to start a career.

Jobs in UK for Indians is attractive. Some of the reasons are high-quality education and university funding. Other factors are industrial linkage, global ranking performance and lucrative jobs. Jobs in UK for Indians have a great work environment and better quality of life. This makes the country a perfect place to pursue careers. If you are ready join its robust 32 million workforce. Read the quick guide to assist you in searching for a full-time jobs in UK for Indians.

About Brexit

Brexit is a blend of two words which means Britain exit from the European Union. The UK has left the EU and the transition period has now ended. It deals with how the UK and EU will work, live, and trade together. The UK has now left the EU Single Market and Customs Union and EU law no longer apply in the UK. For businesses and citizens across the UK, there are actions that one can check on the UK. government site.

New immigration routes have opened for applications to work, live and study in the UK. Brexit can benefit job prospects in UK for Indian students in the long term. Listed below are the benefits of Brexit

Benefits of Brexit for Indian Students

Brexit creates a positive impact for the Indian students who wish to pursue Job prospects in UK. The employment and immigration policies favour job prospects in UK for Indian and all overseas students. The UK government’s immigration plan requires skilled professionals to raise the UK economy. Below are highlights of the benefits for jobs in UK for Indian students after Brexit.

Pound value after Brexit

For those who wish to get job prospects in UK, the cost will be affordable as there is a decrease in the pound value. Indian students can save almost 10% on expenses. UK universities are ready to welcome Indian students to take up Jobs.

Job Opportunities after Brexit

Jobs in UK for Indians after the Brexit deal is secure. The recent reinforcement of a 2-year post-study visa encourages the Indian students. They can stay after their course and improve their job prospects in the country.

Brexit has made a change in international students life and created a bond between UK and India. Before Brexit, the laws favoured EU nations. Jobs in UK for Indians and overseas students were always the last preference. But that is not the case now as there is no law favouring EU preferences for jobs prospects in UK for Indians. Employers can now hire any student graduating from UK universities. This is because the post-study work visa of 2-years is applicable for all.

Around 6.9% of people who work in UK are Indians. After Brexit, Jobs in UK for Indians are open to apply. The right qualification and skills will get you your dream job. In the upcoming years, British companies are ready to recruit 25% of employees from India. This tells you, that Jobs in UK for Indians is promising.

Post Study Visa after Brexit

Some changes in visas, especially for jobs in UK for Indians who wish to study in UK. Indian students can apply for a short-term study visa or a General student visa. Before Brexit, the Post-study visa for Indian students was between 4 and 6 months. After the Brexit deal, the post-study visa for Indian students is 2 years. This post-study visa helps students to stay back, get jobs in UK for Indians.  It also helps recover the cost of education cost invested by them. After completing PhD, the post-study visa extends up to 3 years.

Hiring under immigration law :

To get jobs in UK for Indians, the hiring options are under the latest government guidance. There are two relevant options are;

Graduate route and Skilled worker route.

  1. Graduate route

This route hires without a sponsor for two or three years. The work is not subject to skill level or salary. This means that it is now easier for employers to hire students who want jobs in UK for Indians. This route is ideal for fixed-term projects and if you are not sure of your long-term requirements. No need for a sponsor. International students can apply this route by themselves.

No employer fees and Trial opportunity:

You don’t have to pay any fee to the employer. Your employer can check your performance before committing to sponsoring you.

This is if you wish to extend the Graduate route. If you are not then you can switch to the skilled worker route.

  1. Skilled Worker route

The earlier Tier 2 visa is now the Skilled Worker visa, which offers more benefits to employers:

Flexibility over skill level. Jobs sponsored above the least skill level of RQF3, which is A-level or equal. All graduates meet this level. Browse for more details on the website to check eligibility to apply for jobs in UK for Indians

International Student Employability Group – ISEG

The International Student Employability Group was set up in 2020. The role of the ISEG is to undertake research to understand employability needs. It engages with UK governments to influence the policy. Works with employers to highlight the benefits of recruiting international students and graduates. The guide available on the net highlights the unique skillset International graduates bring. It explains your hiring options under the graduate and skilled worker routes. Browse to know more if you are looking for Jobs in UK for Indians.

Understand the job market in UK

Jobs in UK for Indians continues to go from strength to strength. With more people at work than before, wages continue to rise. The digital transformation is bringing significant shifts to the workforce in UK. In the coming years. There is a demand for occupations like managers, technology specialists and health professionals. Follow the below points to use facts and figures to get jobs in UK for Indians.

Market Data

Research on Labour Market Information (LMI) helps with data on jobs in UK for Indian students. LMI provides insights on statistics, research and analysis. It shows current and future job trends which can help find jobs in UK for Indians. The market data can show the employment trend, but not the career that you can succeed. A genuine interest in your career will make it easier for you to find a job and succeed.

Explore jobs in UK for Indians across company websites

Browse company websites for available vacancies. Research on the company background. Look for the person making the decision to hire. If there is no university from your list on the website, send an email or call to enquire. While you explore jobs, look for details like:

  • Salary offered and working hours.
  • How many employees are there?
  • Which sectors your role links you to. Compare several roles
  • What is the demand is there between the current year and 2024?

Look for jobs in UK’s shortage occupation list. This will ensure a higher chance of securing work sponsorship.

Jobs that face shortages are likely to see a significant demand for talent by 2030. This would be across healthcare, ICT, teaching and education. Understand the shortage occupation list by referring to the UK government’s website.

Motivation plays a big part in success

Recruiters look for grades and relevant experience gained outside of education. Jobs in UK for Indians need to have experience with personal project, internships or part-time work. Once you start work, your career progression requires a proactive, motivated approach. You can climb the career ladder and seek out new roles. Keep up-to-date with developments in your field and be enthusiastic about work. This may involve putting in extra hours and being willing to travel. All this will come if you have chosen a career that suits your strengths. Maintain consistency in your job.

Register on job websites and/or hire a recruitment agency

Visit websites where you can browse thousands of UK jobs in UK for Indians. Upload CV, and manage your applications. Find the right recruitment agency.

Meet your recruitment consultant with documents. A CV is a must email it before your meeting. Carry your proof of eligibility to work in the UK. Take your passport, or birth certificate and proof of your National Insurance number. It is important the agency has all this to help you register when you find the jobs in UK for Indians

After this, your interview with the recruitment consultant is next. Your CV details and discussion on what you are looking for in your new job, your salary expectations. It’s all part of them getting to know you and ensuring a great working partnership.

Since you are looking for a jobs in UK for Indians, It is important to stay in touch with your consultant. The agency will have a large number of candidates registered. It is in our interest to stay in touch to follow up on your status.

Network to find Jobs in UK for Indians

Apart from official job websites, Use various social Networking websites. It is important as most jobs in UK for Indians are often filled through recommendations. Network and make as many contacts as possible. Join LinkedIn to connect with professionals from your field. LinkedIn has introduced the Events Hub. A tool that allows you to create and join professional events. Professional networks advertise your qualifications, achievements and experience. You can apply for jobs on your university portal, recruitment websites. Graduate Recruitment Fairs on university’s campus and major cities. Companies, around the globe, attend these fairs. Make appointments in advance and take part.

Another way to network is to attend university events. Connect with its alumni and gain valuable insights on internships and job searches. Make the best of it find jobs in UK for Indians

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