Going to a university especially in an international country like the UK can be a great learning experience. But when you are far away from home, it is not only important to have a great study environment but also all the support you might need. UK universities recognise that studying abroad can be challenging. That is why universities continue to invest in world-class infrastructure and support services to ensure that international students receive the best education facilities and life experiences. If you are an international student, below is a guide to help you make the best of your university facilities –

  • Accommodation – Your university’s housing service staff will help you find an on- or off-campus accommodation even before landing in the UK. On-campus accommodation is university-owned and furnished with necessities like a bed, desk, chair, wireless internet, laundromat, etc. For private housing, most universities tend to maintain a database of available properties. Your university can advise you about your rights as a tenant and assist in case of a rental dispute.
  • Financial support – You can reach out to your university’s financial services team for any advice on bank loans, employment rights, taxation, etc. The financial services team will also assist you in availing any scholarships and grants, if eligible.
  • Education agents – UK universities have tie-ups with education agents who are there to help you find the right university and course. Additionally, education agents are also there to advise you on visas, accommodation, travel, etc. We, at ScotsGrad, are associated with several leading universities in the UK and offer end to end advisory services to Indian students looking to pursue higher studies there.
  • Libraries and computer labs – UK universities come equipped with well-stocked libraries and computer labs to assist you in your academic requirements. Some universities also house faculty or subject-specific libraries. You can reach out to the staff to address your queries or help you locate resources.
  • Careers office – They offer counseling in case you are unsure of the field to pursue after graduation and guidance in choosing subjects. You can also reach out to them for any assistance in securing a part-time job during your course. Most universities offer workshops on resume writing and interviews to enhance your soft skills.
  • Clubs and societies – UK universities host several clubs and societies ranging from environmental activism to advanced coding. Even if you are studying full-time, many activities are organised over the weekend and during semester breaks. Being a member of these clubs and societies is a great way to make new friends having shared interests.
  • Sports facilities – Most UK universities are equipped with gym and sports facilities for their students. The gym comes with a membership fee and qualified instructors are there to help you with your exercise regime. Universities also have sports facilities that you can use for recreation or playing.

Universities in the UK provide a wide variety of facilities to help you meet your educational and social needs. The student facilities at universities usually vary based on campus size, student numbers, and funding. While large universities usually offer all the services mentioned above, smaller institutions offer services and facilities more tailored to their student cohort. For guidance on university selection, reach out to ScotsGrad, whose mentors apart from being subject-matter experts are alumni of top-ranked UK universities. Also check out their YouTube series on university facilities.

Additional UK University Facilities

●      Prayer rooms

●      Counselling services

●      Disability support

●      Peer support

●      Indigenous support

●      Student union

●      Health clinic

●      Retailers


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