Looking for Postgraduate study?

The UK education system boasts of a wide range of studies such as science and technology, engineering, medicine, Business, law, creative arts, gaming, political science, sports, international relations etc.

Our counsellors’ years of experience in guiding students for UK education, along with our subject matter expertise advice from people relevant to various industries makes ScotsGrad a truly unique option that stands apart from the competition. We do not rush you into finalising a course of study. If required, we have many discussions over time before you finally decide on the course of study best suited to your future plans. We want to make sure you are absolutely certain on your decision and the career path that the course lays out matches exactly where you wish to work in the future.

There are several instances where our students have changed their mind in their initial course selection and shifted to other courses which made more sense to them post our counselling. Our unique coaching based methodology has made this possible. We do not influence your course selection and the final decision rests with you. You are the central point of our communication where we keep your career aspirations your mind when we speak to you. So, do not miss out in this experience which is unique to ScotsGrad.

MBA Aspirants

If you apply and get accepted for an MBA programme, we provide a psychometric profiling using Lumina spark. Though the market value of this assessment is Rs 8000, we offer it completely free of charge and organize a 2-hour feedback session that unpacks your personality traits and reveals insights about you and how you stand unique from other personalities. It is a fabulous opportunity for you to be prepared to face different personalities in your group activities when you are in the UK as well lays a foundation for honing your leadership skills.

Our Approach

1. Student Enquiry
  • Initial call or email where you get in touch with us for a course of study in the UK. At this stage, UK may be an option as well as other countries.
  • In this call your interests and expectations are discussed, as well as academic and/or work experience that you can share with us.
2. Profile Screening
  • The documents sent to ScotsGrad are studied in detail and a reasonable conclusion is made on the areas of intended study. At this stage, you may have more than one course of interested study.
  • ScotsGrad connects with Subject Expert Mentor(s) pertaining to your area of intended study.
3. Subject Expert Mentor
  • Subject Expert Mentor is assigned. This person is external and from the corporate world. We help to arrange the discussion timings with them, however busy their schedules
  • ScotsGrad updates subject mentor on your with them on your career ambitions and they would dialogue on the same. If you have more than one intended study area and the mentor would only stick to his or her area of expertise.
  • Post this dialogue, external counsellor updates ScotsGrad on their recommendations.
4. Course Selections
  • ScotsGrad counsellors work with student to select courses of study for applying to the UK.
  • Student decided which are the ones to apply (we encourage no more than 2 course areas of study and no more than 4 universities).
  • We give a lot of importance to the eco system of the courses selected and dialogue with you on what may be best suited to apply for.
  • At this stage, you are not required to submit all your documents for application for courses.
5. Apply for Courses
  • Once we have received your Letter of recommendations, Statement of Purpose and all other academic transcripts, we are now ready to apply.
  • As a value added service, ScotsGrad may offer to proof read and fine tune these documents
  • Applications are filed to the respective Universities by ScotsGrad.
  • It normally takes 2-4 weeks for Universities offers to come through.
  • At this stage, we also discuss with you the UKVI visa requirements so that you can start preparing other necessary documents.
6. Offer Acceptance/Rejection
  • ScotsGrad counsellor discusses with student as and when offers come in and student decided to choose one. You can wait until all the Universities have replied before making your final decision or even take the decision if your top choice of university comes through first.
  • It is important to reject offers that have been given to you and once you reject an offer, we shall formally inform the University that the offer is to be withdrawn. It is important to follow this good practice as these offers maybe sent to other prospective candidates.
  • Payment of Deposit to the university as stipulated in the Offer Letter
  • Await CAS letter (Confirmation of Admission of Studies) letter issued by the University in which the number appears for your visa filing. The University that you are being admitted to is the Sponsor of your Student Tier 4 Visa.
7. Accommodation Support
  • We engage with you on the various on campus and off campus accommodation options at the University you have decided to accept.
  • The pros and cons of various halls of residence (on-campus) as well as the off-campus options from reliable sources shall be discussed.
8. Preparation for Visa
  • You are now ready with your documents for submission for visa. With over 3-4 weeks from the time we covered this in the Apply for courses (5), ScotsGrad counsellors shall now look into your documents and prepare you for your visa application.
9. Preparation for Course
  • The academic writing skills is what we expect you to work on prior to departure. At this stage, we would recommend the relevant readings (free or paid online courses) that would prepare you best for your academic programme in the UK.
  • We would also recommend relevant subject areas by way of book titles or journals that you can start reading.
10. Visa Application
  • Once the CAS letter is received, you are now ready to apply for your Student Tier 4 Visa. You are strongly recommended not to buy your air-ticket until the visa is granted.
  • We support in your online visa application and ensure you have all the relevant information required for your visa application. It is very critical to get all the parameters correct before making the application.
  • Post online application filing, you need to appear on the date as booked for hard copies of your application to be submitted at the VFS office.
11. Visa Approval
  • Once visa is approved, you can now decide on your date of travel and book your air-ticket.
  • The visa is physically stamped in your passport and you are now good to go ahead to make all your travel arrangements.
12. Ticketing and Packing
  • We would recommend you on the airline that you can take depending on your final destination in the UK. It is good to be in touch with us before you do your air ticket booking.
  • We shall also recommend some basic necessities that you may wish to take with you so this is an important step to communicate with us.
13. Pre-departure Briefing
  • We shall organize a webinar for all departing students to cover on various topics such as adaptation to British culture, general etiquette in Britain, home sickness, networking, part-time work, etc. We strongly recommend that you do not miss this 2 hour webinar where you can ask all your doubts and queries.
14. Departure to the UK
  • You are now all set and ready to go……bon voyage and have a wonderful year ahead.
  • Ensure you have all the documents pertaining to your study in your hand luggage.
15. Commencement of Course
  • You shall be settling down in your accommodation and register formally for your course. You will have all the information with you prior to your departure.
16. Career Guidance Support
  • ScotsGrad services are unparalleled to any other study abroad consultants. With the extensive support that we provide through Subject Expert Mentor from the industry, we have now in 2020 embarked on one of the most important service- a Career Guidance Support personnel will be in touch with you throughout your year of study, with whom you can interact on any advice you wish to take or opinions or suggestions that you wish to bounce back to check before making a decision.