Pursuing higher studies as an international student in the UK is surely an exciting experience. But university life can become stressful with round-the-clock assignments, projects and  examinations; and sooner or later you might start missing your partner and everything you left back home. Having a partner with you during your university days can help provide you with some much-needed relief. Fortunately, your loved one can accompany you to the UK on your Tier 4 student visa and can stay throughout the duration of your course. Here we have put together a list of some of the pros and cons you might want to know regarding bringing partners in UK during higher studies.

Pro – Emotional Support

Having a loved one with you during your university days is great since there will always be someone whom you can rant to when the study load gets too stressful. You can have unconditional support throughout the good, the bad and the caffeine fuelled nights.

ConDifficulty in Adjusting

Studying in a different country is an invigorating feeling. You get to interact and meet students from different regions and cultures. But this feeling might not be equally shared by your partner. What if your partner feels lost in the new environment and finds it difficult to adjust or cope? What if your partner feels homesick and wants to go back to India? You need to be prepared when such a situation arises.

ProSharing Household Work

Having partners in UK during higher studies is beneficial when it comes to sharing household responsibilities. You can reach out to your partner to shoulder your household work when you feel exhausted with your university coursework. You do not feel like ironing? One less job for you. You do not like doing laundry? You can ask your partner to help you out.

Con – Increased Financial Requirement

Having partners in UK during higher studies requires sufficient financial resources. If you want to bring your partner on your student visa, then he/she must prove that he/she can afford the cost of living in the country, otherwise the visa application will be rejected. Your partner needs to have personal funds separate from yours. The amount of money your partner is required to possess depends on your course duration and university location.

Pro – More Income

Having two incomes is better than one when it comes to bringing partners in UK during higher studies. If your study duration is more than 12 months, then your partner becomes eligible to work in the UK. While you can work for 20 hours/week, your partner will have near full access to the UK labour market and can work at any skill level. This is a great way for you both to earn, manage expenses, and even save.

ConMore Expenditure

It is usually more affordable to live in a shared house with your personal room than a studio or one bedroom apartment with your partner. Larger groups often benefit from shared rent and utility bills. Moreover, couples find it difficult to find flat-sharing options. Even if you do, you might have to take up the bigger room with the highest share of rent. You might even be asked to take up the entire unit for rent.

Pro – Free Education & Healthcare for Children

If you have children of school age, they can attend full-time education in the UK at no cost. Schooling for children aged 16 and below and who are in the UK as dependants of international students is free. You also do not need to pay for the treatment of your dependent child if he/she is 16 and under.

Ultimately, choosing to bring partners in UK during higher studies are personal preferences. If you are unable to decide and need guidance, you can reach out to your university’s alumni for advice. You can also connect with education consultants like ScotsGrad, whose mentors being former UK graduates can give you a realistic view of your situation based on your priorities and financial resources. While some might feel homesick without their loved ones by their side, others might decide to bring their partners at a much later stage to reduce expenses. Whatever side you lie on, just remember to enjoy your student years!

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