Many international students aspire to study in UK. A scholarship is an added advantage for students who wish to further their education. The scholarships sponsors are the UK Government, specific universities, public and private organisations. Scholarships, grants, student loans, bursaries, fellowships and awards are financial aid to mention……

While pursuing your plans to study in UK, explore various financial support options. These are available to suit your academic background. Most universities often provide university-specific scholarships to study in UK. Scholarships help cover the course fee and living expenses partly. This varies with every universities.

Scholarships, bursaries and grants are a great way to reduce your expenses. Plan well ahead in time to get an unconditional offer letter from the university applied. Then start the application process for scholarship to study in UK.

Information below on general universities for scholarships at different universities to study in UK. The scholarship schemes are across various subjects and levels. Browse and choose a university with a suitable scholarship for you. Reach out to ScotsGrad team to assist you in applying for the most suited scholarship. We will set you on the path to achieve your goal to study in UK.

Saltire Scholarships in Scotland. This offer comes from the Scottish government in collaboration with Scottish Universities. Applicants who wish to pursue a one-year postgraduate Master’s qualify. The course can be at any Scottish university. Students of science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical science qualify. The value of the funding scheme is £8,000 and covers tuition fees course duration. This is available to students from Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, and the US. Hong Kong is not included.

Chevening Scholarships: offers scholarships and fellowships to professionals to study in UK. A potential applicant to reveal leadership skills, an outstanding academic record. The scholarship covers airfare, living expenses and tuition fees. This is valid through the entire period of study. Should your stay need an extension, then apply to state a special reason. The Foreign and Commonwealth and development office (FCDO) will scrutinize and approve. The British High Commission and the British embassy decide on awarding the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships to pursue a Master’s degree or a PhD to study in UK. Selected Universities in the UK along with the commonwealth scholarship commission offer scholarships. International students looking for financial support can apply. The airfare, tuition fees and basic maintenance expenses are covered. All commonwealth scholarships which are funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office (FCDO) are offered. The eligibility criteria for each type of scholarship and fellowship vary. More information is available on CSK website.

GREAT Scholarships “Study in UK campaign” offers scholarships for a one-year postgraduate course. This is in collaboration with The British council and the GREAT Britain. There are 60 postgraduate scholarships in various subjects. The offer for Postgraduate students from India is at least £10,000. This covers the tuition fee for one year’s postgraduate course. Please check the application deadline to submit. The dates for submitting varies with each institution. This gives a great opportunity for Indian students to study in UK.

British Council Creative Economy Scholarship. partners with 4 leading universities in UK. It benefits students and professionals from India. The applicant should take up a full-time course to study in UK. Applicants who aspire to be future leaders of the Indian creative economy can apply. They must have a background in creative art, publishing, literature, and design fashion. Applicant needs to show why financial support is necessary to study in UK. Apply as soon as you receive the offer from any of the four partnering universities.

British Council Scholarship for women in STEM. This scheme increases opportunities for women and girls interested to study in UK. A full-time course qualifies. The courses are MSc Artificial Intelligence, MSc Energy, and Environmental Technology and Economics. The British Council partners with 19 universities in the UK. It supports applicants in science, technology, engineering. Women from India with a degree in STEM subjects who are passionate to study in UK can qualify. The need for financial support is a requirement.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT). Over the last 40 years, the CWIT and British Council have made around 3000 grants. CWIT’s work gives valuable administration support. It enables students from India to research and study in UK. Applicants in their early or mid-career qualify for this scholarship. This scheme helps to widen and achieve professional and international contacts in UK. Especially in the artistic, academic and professional fields. This is a complete funded award. More information on the website. Each financial aid comes with different values and duration.

Below are a few funding schemes of CWIT for your quick reference.

CWIT Long-term awards: this is for artists ( all disciplines) and heritage conservation. and are usually for 1 year. It covers living expenses and course fees in the UK.

Visiting fellowship. There are 10 fellowships. This fellowship enables writers, academics and translators to spend 2-3 months. Specific hosts of universities carry out specific work activities. It is eligible for Indian citizens living in India. One should be 25 and 45 years of age. A completed postgraduate study or have 5 years of professional or academic experience to qualify.

CWIT short-term grant: This has about 10-15 grants. The value is £1,400 to cover the cost of short research or professional visit to study in UK. This is payable upon your arrival to study in UK. This does not cover international fares. Professionals working in the arts, heritage conservation and the humanities qualify to apply. The Grant is for a period of 3 weeks. For an extended stay, the applicant should supplement the Grant. This can be from the Indian council for historical research to continue their stay and study in UK.

Grants for doctoral studies in the UK. This is for Indian students in the final stages of their doctorates in the UK. University fills the funding gap with an amount usually between £500-£600. The subjects covered are the arts, heritage, conservation and the humanities. Especially history and literature. For more details browse Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT):

More information to study in UK and on available scholarships. Visit the websites of British Council. This will help to browse the most suitable scholarship to study in UK.

Scholarship value to study in UK

To study in UK, universities offer scholarships that have paid schemes. The scheme depends on the course and the institution applied. The amount varies with each institution. Some schemes cover tuition fees and part of your living expenses. While some may cover your travel and living expenses along with the course fee. Indian citizens have many scholarships awarded by UK universities. These range from £1,000 to 10,000 or more. The country-specific scholarships for students from India range from £1,000 to £5000. The schemes are very competitive between government scholarships and university scholarships. ScotsGrad team has helped students to achieve scholarships which range from £ 1,000 to 10,000. Contact us to start early with the application process to study in UK

Scholarship Validity to study in UK

All scholarships are valid for the entire duration of the course chosen to study in UK.

The UK Government announced the Graduate Route. This graduate route will enable international students to stay back to study in UK. The extended period will be two years for graduates and three years for PhD graduates. This is after they have completed their degree. Students applying now to graduate after 2021 will be eligible for this.

Criteria to apply.

To study in UK, the UK Government and the Universities value high performing students. The criteria to apply for a scholarship depends on a good academic score. An unconditional offer letter from the university selected to study in UK. Each University has its own specifications and conditions to qualify to study in UK.

Some scholarships need extracurricular activities and volunteering to study in UK. Students who apply write an essay along with the closing date and you may straight away get awarded. The Assessment and Admission scholarship panel make the final decision to award scholarships. This may not be on the websites. Contact ScotsGrad to get step-by-step guidance on the right content in your essay.

Some misconceptions to note:

  • A student cannot apply for scholarships if the university fee does not fit the budget then a student cannot apply for scholarships.
  • Never apply for a scholarship through ScotsGrad or any consultancy agent. The applicant will miss out on the scholarship.

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