How to find student accommodation in UK for further studies. This can be of concern for students who are leaving their hometown. This means leaving the comfort of their home and their loved ones. To look for a place of living of your own, start thinking based on what you need. What will be a comfortable stay for you with your current and expected lifestyle? Think about it by balancing the budget and needs to stay in student accommodation in UK.

For many of you, this is your first international trip to live all by yourself. On one side it can make you emotional and on the other side, you are close to reaching your goals in your career.

When you are looking for student accommodation in UK, learn to adapt to changes. The culture and lifestyle experience is very different from your hometown. The University accommodation campus in the UK is co-educational. A housing where you can study, work and socialise is advisable. The housing choice you make should give you a smooth transition to new surroundings. Universities support housing arrangements for student accommodation in UK.

To find student accommodation in UK, it is good to start looking early. You can choose from many options from the website. The location, price and flatmates are important when you look for student accommodation. Make sure the place you are renting is legal. After you move in and get to know your flatmates, you will feel comfortable. You may take time, or fit in with ease in your student accommodation in UK which is your home away from home for now.

Things to do when looking for Student Accommodation.

Plan your accommodation or Housing

How to find student accommodation in UK depends on the type of housing you are looking for. There are many types of student housing to choose from. The popular housing among students is University accommodation and private accommodation. The other options are a Studio, shared apartments, hostels and guesthouses. Browse to know the cost and amenities provided in student accommodation in UK.

To find student accommodation in UK, it is necessary to plan in advance. Inform the university if you need them to arrange student accommodation in UK. University will not provide accommodation by default. You should request them. Hence it is important to plan your accommodation with the below guide.

  • Understand the type of accommodation you need. Whether it is university or private, the distance from the campus is important. Save money on daily transport. Check for food or kitchen facilities.
  • The cost of accommodation depends on the type of room you select. There are single, double and deluxe rooms. Check if furnishings come with the room. Keep a track of how much you can spend. The depends on your finances. Check on other amenities that come with the accommodation.
  • Check online to get an idea of the availability, quality and cost of housing in the city you have applied for. This will keep you ready with a choice to make with your university as soon as you get the offer.
  • Calculate expenditure of food, rent, study material and local transport. Check if the accommodation provides food or do you have to cook your own.
  • Check for other amenities like internet, water, electricity and laundry.
  • There are deadlines when you apply online. If you miss the deadline, you can miss out on the best accommodation. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

The best choice for student accommodation in UK is Institution housing. Always opt for university accommodation if you are coming for the first time. The housing quality is good and has value for money. It is on the campus and safe and secure to live in student accommodation in UK. If you have friends with you, a flat would be a better choice. Read the contract with care provided by the owner. Be clear about the terms before you sign for student accommodation in UK.

Types of Student accommodation in UK

There are many types of student accommodation in UK. University accommodation, Private accommodation, Studio, Flats and houses, hostels and guest houses. The recommended one is “Halls of residence ” or Halls. The other is “Catered halls”.

Below is a brief description on the types of student accommodation in UK.

University Accommodation/Halls of residence – On campus

Halls of residence is on-campus accommodation. University housing has an Office on campus. The student has to request an accommodation. The housing is on a sharing basis. With rooms on each floor. Groups of 5 to 6 students share a kitchen, living and social space. The students can prepare their own meals in the kitchen. The study bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. It also has a toilet, washbasin and a shower.

This is on a first come first serve basis. The university does the booking. Make sure you apply early online to reserve your room. All University accommodations are private rooms. Although it may share a kitchen and shared bathroom the room that you stay in will not have any other person.

Services include utilities, and other services like gas, water, electricity and internet (wi-fi). Service to remove rubbish and clean common areas. Security is present 24×7.

Payment of rent is Flexible – can pay in instalments or other ways to pay. If payment for university accommodation is not cleared at the end of the year. The student cannot progress to the next year If you are in the final year, you will not receive results.

Insurance Basic cover of Insurance is also included.

Contract: The standard time is until June or September. It is possible to move when you find a vacancy. A formal procedure prevails to get repairs and maintenance attended to. University accommodation expects you to sign a contract period. This is usually not compromised. If you wish to move out and you should pay for the tenancy period.

Catered Halls

This is a traditional university hall known as “catered halls”. It provides meals with accommodation. Catered halls can help with your food budget. Yet the food is very different from the food at home. Organisations to help students who are looking for rented housing. We recommend that you can take up a self-catering accommodation. This will help you learn some basic cooking and you can venture on your own when you start cooking.

Private accommodationoff-campus

Larger cities have private halls also called student villages. This student accommodation in UK is off-campus. It is private and run by the landlord or a third-party company. They are not allocated to specific universities. The housing is around the university campus or in the city centre. They are like university halls in many ways. A higher level of services, furnishing and facilities is available. The rent is expensive. All utilities and services are not included in the rent.

Your university can help you find private hall student accommodation in UK. The contract will be with the private company, not with the university. If you have friends you would like to live with. It makes the job easier, your flatmates and you can search for a house together.

Private accommodation landlords expect the full tenancy payment

upfront, or a few months rental in advance. Always be sure about amenities included. For example, heating and lighting and wifi. Private accommodation ensures you do not have to pay any council tax.


This is a one-room apartment which includes, sleeping, kitchen, dining and bathroom. Only one person can occupy. Studios are expensive in the list of student accommodation in UK. Interaction with people may be a disadvantage when you are living in a studio. This is also the most expensive form of accommodation.

Hostels and Guesthouses.

If your institution does not provide temporary student accommodation in UK. The next option is hostels or guest houses. These are common in London and run by charitable organizations. They provide housing for single students. Meals may be available or allow you to cook your own food.

Guesthouses are like hotels with dining rooms. There is no choice about the meals served. Living in a hotel for a long period of time is expensive. Use hotels and Guesthouses as temporary housing. You can book before you travel to UK.

Flats/ Houses

To rent a private flat or house as student accommodation in UK is expensive and off-campus. It is far from university halls and other student housing. This comes with a study bedroom, common kitchen and bathroom. The contract will with the landlord. Both will be responsible for maintaining the property. Internet and other utilities are not included in the rent. Understand the terms before booking, as sharing a flat can raise concerns.

Know your rights and responsibility as a tenant

Once you decide on accommodation be it a university-provided or a private one. it is important to know the tenancy agreement. It is the licence agreement between you and your landlord. Make sure that the rent is on time as mentioned in your contract. Follow the disciplinary procedure with care. If you choose to rent in private– ask for a copy of the contract and read it with care.

How to apply?

Check online to get an early idea on how to find student accommodation in UK. Apply online before you come to UK. Your university may offer accommodation with the course. If so confirm what type of accommodation you need. Mention if you have other arrangements for accommodation in UK. Remember to meet the deadlines mentioned. Follow all application procedures on how to find student accommodation in UK. In particular, see that you meet the deadline. Read the institution’s housing information and links to websites sent to you. Seek help from the housing office or their educational agents.

The Etiquette List

Moving to your student accommodation in UK can be exciting and the anxiety that comes after. Remember all new students in the hall are in the same emotion. Below are tips to be conscious of when you move to student accommodation in UK.

  1. Greet everyone while passing through the hall with a nod. A smile would not cost much. You don’t have to start a conversation immediately unless asked a question. Find a co-student who is of your wavelength.
  2. knock before you enter any room or door in your housing as well as the University. Make this a habit.
  3. Take time to make friends, Get to know them over a cup of coffee.
  4. Enjoy using the common areas of your student accommodation. Follow rules at different places in your hall or apartment. Keep noise levels low. Restrict guests in your room. Follow alcohol and smoking guidelines.
  5. Accept invitations to social events if you are comfortable. It is okay to say no. Respect others’ privacy. Never force them to join social gatherings. Be with people you are comfortable with.
  6. Since you share a fridge and kitchen do not help yourself with someone’s food. Label your food. Ask before using someone’s belongings. Make sure to return or replace. Clean up after you cook. Keep the countertop free for others to use.
  7. Sharing a bathroom will need you to leave it clean after your use. Respect everyone’s time especially in the mornings. Do not take up considerable time in the washroom.
  8. Keep your rooms and bathrooms clean. If chores are common, delegate each student with a chore for a week in rotation.

Life as an international student is a mixture of both freedom and responsibility. You get to enjoy more than you would at home.

Be responsible and abide by the rules of the new country, the people and the accommodation that you are in. Remember you represent your country.

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