Many students and their parents agree that submitting a complicated university application form when you are in the midst of end-of-school exams or the demands of a hectic career, can be amazingly stressful. If you are applying to different universities in different parts of the world, you have to be aware of how different applications need to be framed, written and presented. There are different decision cycles and submission deadlines to be aware of too. Making mistakes in your approach, in the way you submit or the missing of a deadline can seriously impact your chosen career path and career start.  Choosing to work with an Overseas Education Specialist can take all the stress out of the process, raise your confidence of achieving success because you avoid all the common pitfalls and mistakes and, most importantly of all, accessing these services comes absolutely free to you.

How does this work?

The top-tier universities choose to work with a preeminent local Overseas Education Specialist because they value the help this specialist can give to students making a complex education transition and career investment decision when they are still relatively young in age, with little direct career experience under their belt.  The universities pay their local Overseas Education Specialist partner for these services. The Education Specialist is uniquely positioned to give you sound independent, advice precisely because they work with a range of top-tier institutions. Such a qualified professional agency can talk to you about your ambition and goals with complete neutrality because it has a complete overview with no particular financial incentive skewing the way it helps you look at your future.

Now, it is important to note that Overseas Education Agents or Specialists are in no way related to online exam crammers or other private-side, after-school service providers. The Overseas Education Specialist is focused purely on the overseas tertiary education sector and the economy 5.0 career pathways that lead out of this world-beating, overseas educational proposition.

Keep in mind, applying to an overseas university can be incredibly complicated. As such, a lot of focus is required. Shockingly, there are still individuals that are against using Overseas Education Specialists because they do not understand the value-add such an agent provides, free of charge. These people fall into the pitfalls of failing to make their application correctly, succinctly and on time. If you were to attempt your own overseas university application on your own, there is a high risk that it will not be done correctly, which will waste your time, focus and motivation. Whereas, when making use of an Overseas Education Specialist, you are ensuring the highest possible chance of application success while having time to focus on end-of-school exams or on-the-job priorities.

There are also several different type of Overseas Education Specialists you can approach. Therefore, before selecting an Overseas Education Agency to advise you, ensure it brings the requisite specialist professional focus you require. To assist you, some of the various services such a specialist can offer are listed below.

  • Career focus: The best specialists will start by helping you identify the future career that has meaning and worth for you. From this, they can then identify the universities that are likely to provide you with the best starting point to achieve your intended high potential, global economy 5.0 career.
  • Faculty expertise: the Overseas Education Specialist will be able to talk to you about faculty expertise and will have direct, powerful contact with key academics and their research domains. This can be a truly critical advantage in helping you write a winning application submission because you are able to demonstrate up-to-date awareness of the university’s areas of competitive advantage and global employer respect.
  • Utilizing Overseas Education Specialists in this way means you can enjoy an efficient and stress-free application process, as the specialist will do all the risk-aware and administrative process work for you. Gone are the days of having to submit complicated applications not knowing if you are achieving the right focus or not.
  • Optimizing your application spread: The Overseas Education Specialist will know how to organize the permitted number of applications within a given education system. They will be able to do this in full awareness of how to present your prioritization in ways that will navigate the complexities of the system and reduce the chances of a rejection from any one of the chosen universities. This way, you are more likely to come out with an offer of acceptance much earlier in the process than others who do not understand how universities regard the hidden weighting in the way you present your choices.
  • Submission clarification: If for any reason a university rejects your application, the Overseas Education Specialist is well placed to give a reasoned argument for the university to reconsider the decision. Often, rejection decisions come about because of some communication gap. Your overseas educational expert is equipped to understand the appeals process and to go into bat for you to explain why there are grounds for a decision reversal. This reflects the way in which the universities value the on-the-ground knowledge, learning pathway expertise and career domain passion of each individual application.

Do you want to know more?

The services mentioned above are just some of the various kinds you can obtain from an Overseas Education Specialist. Ask your best-reputed locally available Overseas Education Specialist what other services they may bring that could be of immediate benefit and advantage to you as you set out on improving your high potential career chances in the global economy.

And do not be afraid to ask the Specialist just how exactly the differ from run-of-the-mill Overseas Education Agents. The specialist will be proud to inform you of their:

  • Strategic partnership approaches with universities
  • Direct relationships with domain-expert faculty
  • Engagement in applied research projects on-the-ground locally and regionally
  • Stakeholder approach to opening research, project and intern opportunities for their applicant students in vibrant innovation economies like Scotland and Switzerland
  • Extensive relationships with destination employers

The success stories of students who are in high potential global career pathways because of the way the specialist helped them start in the right place at the right time, surrounded by university faculty expertise allied with global industry know how and market presence.

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