Looking for Undergraduate study?

The UK education system boasts of a wide range of studies such as science and technology, engineering, medicine, Business, law, creative arts, gaming, political science, sports, international relations.

We at ScotsGrad understand that the one of the hardest decisions at the time of completion of your higher secondary education (Std 12, International baccalaureate or A levels) is to make up your minds on what to study. We are also aware that this is the most difficult time for your parents too and to ensure that you have chosen the right path, we make sure you have a dialogue with our counsellors before you decide on what field you wish to study.

We strongly recommend at this stage a psychometric profiling to make you aware of your personality. We take painst to ensure that the programme of study suits your personality as it surely would not be an enjoyable three of four years of study if otherwise. You are only as best as what you believe. However, if you have a strong conviction of what you wish to pursue, it would still mean that you would need to talk to our counsellors who shall validate your thinking. Our counsellors are truly counsellors, not application filling agents. We shall not talk about any course until we are sure of what you like to do. For all undergraduate study programmes, we encourage your parents to also be in touch with us but the counselling shall take place with the student directly.

Estimated tuition fees and cost of living

The undergraduate tuition fee (depending on the course and the University chosen) can range from GBP 12,000 to 20,000 per annum

The living costs has much to do with one’s own life style and depending on where your university is located, it can range from 700 GBP per month to 1,000 GBP per month

Our Approach
From Counselling to Departure to the UK

1. Counselling process
  • Get in touch with us for counselling and this interaction would initially be between you and our internal ScotsGrad counsellor. Do not underestimate the counselling time period, this may take weeks, especially if you are unsure about your field of study. We shall explore the various area of study depending on the interests .If there arises a stage where you are to choose between two options, we consider this as an opportunity for you to speak to subject matter experts (external counselor) on these final two choices before making the decision. They may or may not be the same person depending on how different the subject areas are.
  • Once we are through with the decision on the field of study, we shall move on to the next step, with your parent’s consent, the university selection in connection to the course finalised.
2. Choosing the University
The internal course search team with the aid of our internal counsellors shall now look at various university options and the courses offered related to the field of study decided by you. Since there are many combinations such as single and double majors, this is an important selection time and we shall discuss with you on the various options available. You then make the decision along with your parents on the right University and right course weighing many parameters, such as tuition fees, living and accommodation, personal funding, loan eligibility (if necessary), safety, close proximity to a relative or a friend in the UK etc.
3. Application Process
If you are in your final year of your Std 12 (or any other equivalent such as A levels or International baccalaureate), you are ready to apply. It is NOT necessary for you to have the final results in hand.

What you need are the following;

  • Mark sheets obtained thus far in your Std 12
  • Passport or Birth certificate (you need to however plan to get your passport if you do not have one already)
  • Two academic references (both from teachers in your School). These Letters of Recommendations are important for the application process
  • Statement of Purpose. This is a personal one page document on the rationale to pursue the field of study. You have to be able to tell the admissions panel why you have chosen the course of study, what your future plans and intentions are in terms of your career.

ScotsGrad can, on special cases, help to proofread or fine tune the SOP documents as an additional service to you.

A large number of UK universities are part of the UCAS (University central admission system) where in candidates apply for courses through a common admission system with choices of 5 courses of study. However, a significant number of universities are now opening up windows for direct applications, so we may or may not choose the UCAS application process depending on which course and university we have decided already. UCAS has an application fees of 22.00 GBP for one course and 26.50 GBP for maximum of 5 courses.

ScotsGrad does not charge any fees for our counselling and services rendered. You pay absolutely nothing to us unless you choose to do a psychometric profiling which costs Rs 4900 for assessment and feedback.

4. University Offers (Acceptance and Rejection)
Once you start receiving offers, you will be notified of the offers or rejections and you can then accept or reject offers. You may receive more than one offer and you will be asked to make a decision. We shall be guiding you in the process. It is recommended that you consider each offer carefully and decline those that you are would not be pursuing. This will ensure we communicate back to universities on the decision. You would be helping other candidates who are also looking to these universities to get an offer based on your decision.
5. Accommodation Support
We engage with you on the various on campus and off campus accommodation options at the University you have decided to accept. The pros and cons of various halls of residence (on-campus) as well as the off-campus options from reliable sources shall be discussed.
6. Preparation for Visa
You are now ready with your documents for submission for visa. With over 3-4 weeks from the time we covered this in the Apply for courses (5), ScotsGrad counsellors shall now look into your documents and prepare you for your visa application.
7. Preparation for Course
The academic writing skills is what we expect you to work on prior to departure. At this stage, we would recommend the relevant readings (free or paid online courses) that would prepare you best for your academic programme in the UK.
8. Visa Application
  • Once the CAS letter is received, you are now ready to apply for your Student Tier 4 Visa. You are strongly recommended not to buy your air-ticket until the visa is granted.
  • We support in your online visa application and ensure you have all the relevant information required for your visa application. It is very critical to get all the parameters correct before making the application.
  • Post online application filing, you need to appear on the date as booked for hard copies of your application to be submitted at the VFS office.
9. Visa Approval
Once visa is approved, you can now decide on your date of travel and book your air-ticket.
The visa is physically stamped in your passport and you are now good to go ahead to make all your travel arrangements.
10. Ticketing and Packing
We would recommend you on the airline that you can take depending on your final destination in the UK. It is good to be in touch with us before you do your air ticket booking. We shall also recommend some basic necessities that you may wish to take with you so this is an important step to communicate with us.
11. Pre-departure Briefing
We shall organize a webinar for all departing students to cover on various topics such as culture, adaptation to British culture, general etiquette in Britain, home sickness, networking, part-time work, etc. We strongly recommend that you do not miss this 2 hours webinar where you can ask all your doubts and queries.
12. Departure to the UK
You are now all set and ready to go……bon voyage and have a wonderful year ahead.
Ensure you have all the documents pertaining to your study in your hand luggage.
13. Commencement of Course
You shall be settling down in your accommodation and register formally for your course. You will have all the information with you prior to your departure.