Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art offers courses under five schools namely:

  • School of Fine Arts
  • School of Design
  • Innovation School
  • School of Stimulation and Visualization
  • Mackintosh School of Architecture

Alumni from The School of Fine Art include six Turner Prize winners. School of Design graduate destinations include Apple, Celine, Dyson, and Hyundai. The school of Design graduate destinations include Apple, Celine, Dyson and Hyundai. The School of Simulation and Visualisation has research and commercial partners with many organisations including Historic Environment Scotland, the BBC and the NHS. The Innovation school is based across two campuses in Glasgow and the Highlands & Islands collaborating with many research partners and local communities.

The Mackintosh School of Architecture is ranked as the top architecture school in Scotland and ranked in the top 5 in the UK by Architects’ Journal, says HESA 2017/18. The school is ranked third in the UK and ranked fifth in Europe and ranked eighth in the world for Art and Design in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

School of Fine Art      

The school of Fine Arts offers courses in the following disciplines:

  • Fine art photography
  • Painting and Printmaking
  • Sculpture and Environmental Art
  • MLitt Fine Art Practice
  • Master of Fine Art
  • MLitt Art Writing
  • School of Fine Art on RADAR
  • School of Fine art and more.

The school also offers opportunities to study abroad programmes including the Study Abroad Studio Art Programme (SASAP); Study Abroad Degree Programme. The school also offers employment opportunities such as Live Projects; Participation in national and international competitions and more.

The university has exhibition partnership with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, GOMA, Africa in Motion film festival, CCA Glasgow, University of Glasgow, The Steven Campbell Trust, Glasgow Life, Lux Scotland, University of St Andrews, Kinning Park Complex, Historic Scotland, Kings College London and Scottish Contemporary Art Network.

School of Design

The school of Design offers wide range of courses in the following departments:

  1. Communication Design
    • The Communication department in the school has three specializations namely Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography
    • The facilities of the school include dedicated studio space, crit/group tutorial spaces, Case Room with a range of equipment including letterpress, Macs, digital cameras, animation, linoprints, wood engravings and monoprinting, photographic studios with facilities for colour and black and white processing.
  2. Interaction Design
    • Facilities of the school include the dedicated bright and well-supported flexible studio and crit/group work spaces with a range of equipment including computers, VR and sound facilities, AxiDraw plotters, 3D printers, cameras, tracking systems and numerous creative sensory peripherals.
  3. Fashion Design
    • The department of Fashion Designing has a lot of facilities including print and dye knit, embroidery and CAD. Students also have access to the Centre for Advanced Textiles (CAT).
  4. Interior Design
    • Facilities of the department include dedicated studio space which is where project work evolves. It is a space with myriad functions, not least of which are social. Students and staff also have access to various types of analogue and digital making, either within the studio, elsewhere on campus or offsite.
  5. Product Design Engineering
    • The courses of this course are accredited to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Engineering Designers.
  6. Product Design Engineering
    • All the courses of the school are accredited to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Institute of Engineering Designers
  7. Silversmithing + Jewellery
    • The facilities of the school include a Range of technical processes such as hammer work, forging, precision casting, etching, spinning and other lathe work, milling, pressing and stamping, chasing and repoussage, enamelling, stone-setting, anodising, chemical colouring, finishing, CAD design, rapid prototyping, rendering applications and laser welding. Opportunity to work in various materials including hand-made paper, latex rubber, magnets, felt, plastics, photo-laminate film, woods, glass, concrete and stone as well as the more usual precious metals.
  8. Textile Design
  9. School of Design Graduate programmes
  10. School of Design on RADAR.

Innovation School

The school offers courses in the subject areas including:

  • MDes Design Innovation and Citizenship
  • MDes Design Innovation and Collaborative Creativity
  • MDes Design Innovation and Environmental Design
  • MDes Design Innovation and Interaction Design
  • MDes Design Innovation and Transformation Design
  • MSc International Management and Design Innovation
  • BDes/MDes Product Design
  • Innovation School Staff and more.

School of Simulation and Visualization

The school offers various courses in the following disciplines:

  • International Heritage Visualization
  • 3D Modelling
  • Medical Visualization and Human anatomy
  • Sound of Moving Image
  • Serious Games and Virtual Reality and more

The school offers various facilities and has access to extensive digital facilities and equipment including two 5.1 Surround Sound Dubbing Studios and a periphonic ambisonic SoundLab.

Mackintosh School of Architecture

The school offers various architecture courses in many disciplines such as:

  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Diploma in Architecture
  • Masters in Architecture
  • MSc Environmental Architecture and more

The school of Architecture has a lot of facilities including Studio space; workshops for wood and metal work; specialist equipment for making architectural models; a photographic studio and darkrooms; a reprographics and audio-visual base; a lighting lab including heliodon and model-scope; an architectural science computer suite; Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery; cafe bar.


Every school in the university offers both undergraduate and graduate level programmes with international significance. The alumni from the School of Fine Art include six Turner Prize winners.

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