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Overview: University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow, established in 1451, is a prestigious public university located in Glasgow, Scotland. Known for its broad range of courses spanning humanities, sciences, social sciences, and engineering, the University of Glasgow aims to equip students with the skills required for success in today’s competitive job market.

According to the US News and World Report rankings for 2023, the University of Glasgow has risen to #73, reflecting its strong position in the global academic community compared to its 2022 ranking of #76.

With an acceptance rate of 70%, the University of Glasgow welcomes students from various backgrounds. It boasts over 250,000 alumni spread across more than 170 countries, underscoring its global influence.

By combining academic rigor with practical experience, the university ensures students are well-prepared to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Aspect Description
Name University of Glasgow
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Established 1451
Type Public
Chancellor Dame Katherine Grainger
Principal Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli
Total Students Over 30,000
International Students Approximately 30% of the total student population
Faculties - College of Arts
- College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences
- College of Science & Engineering
- College of Social Sciences
Campus Urban, located in the West End of Glasgow
Notable Alumni - Adam Smith (Economist)
- James Watt (Inventor)
- Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish First Minister)
- Gerard Butler (Actress and Writer)
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University of Glasgow Rankings

The University of Glasgow has consistently improved its position in various university rankings, recognized for its research output, student satisfaction, and graduate employability. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Glasgow is placed in the top 100 universities globally. Additionally, it ranks among the top 10 universities in the UK for research quality and student experience.
Ranking Agency Ranking
QS World University Rankings 71
Europe University Rankings - Northern Europe (2024) 12
Europe University Rankings (2024) 28
QS Sustainability Ranking (2024) 85

Though the university rankings change from year to year, the University of Glasgow remains among the reputed universities in the UK. Think beyond rankings! If you are looking to start your application, then connect with our alumni mentors.

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University of Glasgow Programs 2024

For 2024, the University of Glasgow offers a comprehensive array of programs across multiple disciplines. Key faculties include: the College of Arts, College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, College of Science & Engineering, and College of Social Sciences. Popular programs include Business Management, Medicine, Computer Science, Psychology, and Engineering. Glasgow is also known for its innovative courses in Creative Arts and Sustainability.

Glasgow uni Undergraduate (UG) Programs

Program Description
College of Arts - English Literature
- History
- Philosophy
- Film and Television Studies
- Languages
College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences - Medicine
- Veterinary Medicine
- Biomedical Science
- Nursing
- Public Health
College of Science & Engineering - Computer Science
- Mechanical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Physics
- Environmental Science
College of Social Sciences - Business Management
- Economics
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Law

Glasgow uni postgraduate (PG) Programs

Program Description
College of Arts - MA Digital Media
- MSc Creative Writing
- MSc Art History
- MSc Film Studies
- MSc Linguistics
College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences - MSc Public Health
- MSc Advanced Clinical Practice
- MSc Biomedical Science
- MSc Mental Health Nursing
- MSc Sports Science
College of Science & Engineering - MSc Computer Science
- MSc Advanced Manufacturing
- MSc Civil Engineering
- MSc Cyber Security
- MSc Data Science
College of Social Sciences - MBA
- MSc Finance
- MSc International Relations
- MSc Education
- MSc Sociology

If you are looking to start your application for any of the programs offered by Glasgow Uni, you have come to right place for guidance and support. We are partnered with the Scottish universities to offer you 100% free consultancy. You are just click away to connect and get personal insights from our alumni mentors.

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Important Dates

The Universities in UK or Scottish Universities the academic intake is typically divided in two:

  1. September intake: The early September intake in UK universities offers many advantages for international students eager to study in UK or Scotland. With wide range of course options, funding opportunities and support, it can be best time to begin your journey. The student should begin their preparation for the September intake at least 3-4 months before the application deadline. The acceptance rate depends on the University applied to
  2. January intake: The January intake in UK universities is often referred as the secondary intake. The January intake offers relatively less choice of courses compared to the September intake. The student should begin their preparation for the at least 3-4 months before the application deadline. The acceptance rate depends on the University and programs.

If you are looking to start your application, you have come to right place for guidance and support. You are just click away to connect and get personal insights from our alumni mentors

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University of Glasgow​ Scholarships 2024

The University of Glasgow offers various scholarships to help both domestic and international students with their education costs. Here are some of the key scholarships available for 2024:

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

  • Amount: Up to £5,000
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is for high-achieving students who have demonstrated academic excellence. It aims to reward students with outstanding academic records.
  • Application: Students need to apply for this scholarship separately, and the selection is based on academic performance and other achievements.

International Excellence Scholarship

  • Amount: Up to £3,000
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is designed for international students who have shown exceptional academic performance. It supports students from outside the UK who are joining ARU.
  • Application: International students need to apply for this scholarship and provide evidence of their academic achievements. The selection is competitive and based on merit.
Sports Scholarship
  • Amount: Varies (includes financial support and free gym membership)
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is for talented athletes who compete at a high level in their sport. It provides financial support and access to sports facilities.
  • Application: Interested students must demonstrate their sports achievements and commitment to their sport. They may need to attend an assessment or provide references from coaches.
Sno Scholarship Scholarship Details
#1 Merit Scholarships - Awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements
- Based on academic performance, leadership qualities, extracurricular involvement, and Personal Statement
- Available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students
#2 Need-Based Scholarships - Available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students
- Awarded to students with demonstrated financial need
- Based on financial circumstances, including family income, assets, and expenses
- Designed to support students who may face financial barriers to accessing higher education
#3 Discipline-Specific Scholarships - Offered to students pursuing studies in specific disciplines or fields of study
- Targeted towards areas where there is a demand for skilled professionals or where there shortage of qualified personnel
- May be sponsored by external organizations, industry partners, or alumni associations
#4 International Scholarships - Available to international students to support their studies at Strathclyde University
- Offered to students from specific countries or regions, or based on academic merit
- Aimed at promoting cultural diversity, global engagement, and academic excellence

For more detailed information on all available scholarships, eligibility criteria, and how to apply, book a free call with our alumni mentors. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information and can access all the necessary information and guidance.

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University of Glasgow​ Tuition Fees, Duration & Eligibility 2024

The University of Glasgow offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with specific tuition fees, durations, and eligibility criteria for both domestic and international students. Below is a detailed overview:
Program Tuition Fees Duration Eligibility
Undergraduate £12,000 - £18,000 3 Years High school or equivalent, meet minimum academic requirements, English language proficiency
Postgraduate £15,000 - £20,000 1-2 years Bachelor's degree in relevant field, meet minimum GPA requirements, English language proficiency
Research £14,000 - £28,000 3-4 years Master's degree in relevant field, research proposal, supervisor support, English language proficiency
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University of Glasgow​ Location

The University of Glasgow is situated in the West End of Glasgow, offering a vibrant urban campus experience with a blend of historic and modern buildings. The main campus is well-connected by public transport and offers a range of amenities to support student life, including libraries, sports facilities, cafes, and study spaces.
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University of Glasgow​ Accommodation

The University of Glasgow prioritizes student well-being by offering a range of accommodation options tailored to meet diverse needs. From modern on-campus residences equipped with various amenities to off-campus housing options, students have ample choices to ensure a comfortable living experience. With a focus on creating a supportive community, Glasgow uno strives to make students feel at home during their academic journey.

Accommodation Options Description
On-Campus Residences - Modern, purpose-built residences located within walking distance of campus facilities
- Various room types available, including single and shared rooms, en-suite facilities and self catering options
- On-site amenities include common areas, study spaces, laundry facilities, and recreation areas
- 24/7 security and support staff
Off-Campus Housing - Private accommodation options available in the vicinity of the university
- Range of housing options including apartments, flats, and houses
- Students can choose to live independently or share accommodation with peers
- Varies in terms of facilities and amenities depending on the chosen accommodation
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University of Glasgow​ Cost of Living

The cost of living for students at the University of Glasgow depends on various factors such as accommodation, transportation, and personal expenses. The university assists students in managing their finances effectively by offering resources and support. From affordable accommodation options to student discounts on transportation and amenities, University of Glasgow ensures that students can maintain a high quality of life while pursuing their studies.

Sno Expense Estimated Costs(Per Month)
#1 Accomdation £700 - 900
#2 Food & Grocery £150-£200
#3 Personal Expenses £100 - £150
#4 Transport £50-£100
#5 Books and supplies £50 - £100
#6 Others (Misc) £50 - £100
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Though the acceptance rate varies from based on programs you apply to, in general the acceptance rate is in the range of 50% to 70% . We proudly admit that our application filed acceptance rate is 100%.

We at ScotsGrad are here to help you to apply for program of your choice is UK Universities or Scottish Universities with support and guidance from team of 30+ Alumni Mentors. 

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