An Overseas Education Specialist is a learning expert with an advanced training and knowledge of the learning pathways from the overseas and global education environment that lead into the economy of the future. Put another way, an Overseas Education Specialist is an expert who understands high potential career pathways and where their most powerful starting points exist today to lead into the best potential global career open to you. The Overseas Education Specialist understands how to leverage your existing awards and qualifications in ways that help you get the best possible overseas university place available to you in the most time- and cost-effective way possible. The Overseas Education Specialist will be aware of which universities might offer grants, bursaries and awards to students whose diversity and experience they wish to see enrich their own student body.

Understanding the Overseas Education Specialist:

Education is a very complex good or service to understand. You have to go through education to experience its benefit. There is no real substitute for the immersive experience that an overseas education brings with it. It’s hard to appreciate from a video or a leaflet just how powerful, life-enhancing and rich this experience can be. The best way to truly understand the impact of an overseas education is to talk to alumni about what they experienced and how it helped shape their career success. The Overseas Education Specialist will be able to tell you these stories because they hold a lifelong relationship with every student they helped into overseas education as their first step on the pathway to global career success.

You will be able to spot an Overseas Education Specialist by the way it:

  • References its strategic partnerships with universities and their top faculty
  • Talks about its relationship to destination employers on-the-ground
  • Has a stakeholder perspective on cross-cutting applied research projects locally and internationally
  • Talks about line-of-sight into the fast-paced, exponentially-growing sectors of the new co-creative economy 5.0
  • Brings a coaching approach to understand where you see your career future – and from that perspective starts to counsel you on where your best starting point lies today in order to start and step into that career future without further delay
  • Navigates the complexity of the overseas education system to co-create a unique approach to the education you need in ways that totally meet your own, individual and specific needs

How can you leverage an Overseas Education Specialist?

If you see the Overseas Education Specialist as a learning partner in your career pathway, you can return to them at different points in your learning journey and career development for advice and help. One of the most powerful assets a really expert Overseas Education Specialist will have is contact to alumni association. The Overseas Education Expert is likely to be both a stakeholder and leader in the alumni environment. This engagement and participation means they are an influential member of a wide-flung professional community embedded in all the high growth, high value sectors of the co-creative 5.0 economy. This means that they are usually able to bring a perspective to your own individual context than connects you with opportunity and openings that are not available in any other environment to you. In this sense, starting your journey into your high potential career future with an Overseas Education Specialist is one of the smartest life decisions and most effectively opportune moves you can make right now.

Your Overseas Education Specialist is also able to help prepare you to make the most of your study abroad. Are you intent on using your overseas study as an entrepreneur to set up your own company? Or are you planning to enter a career pathway as a high-powered, well-equipped and effective intrapreneur? Depending on the answers to question s like these, the Overseas Education Specialist can give you strategies to prepare your mind. For example, you may need to consider how to access faculty introductions to employers, how to find and apply for the most interesting applied-research projects or internships so that you can shine when it comes to making job applications or innovation discoveries.

Do you want to know more?

Ask your best-reputed locally available Overseas Education Specialist for their view on where the best starting points for your intended career future now lie in the study abroad options available to you.

Do not be afraid to ask for learning from others’ experiences of difficulty in their overseas study experience. Be sure to ask for all the sources of help available through the university of your choice – and of how the Overseas Education Specialist can also offer and extend support to you at every stage of your learning process. Together with the Overseas Education Specialist you can co-create a pathway into your high potential career that will deliver benefits and rewards to you for years, if not decades, to come. This life-long learning partnership proposition is one of the things that truly distinguishes an Overseas Education Specialist from a general education agency.

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