When you consider studying abroad, you have to recognize that your choice is introducing you to a particular education system and career entry opportunity.

Most often, overseas study applicants believe that the US opens the widest potential career future to them. But this is actually not really the case. The US probably has the greatest number of higher education institutes, colleges and universities of any country in the world. This means that the US system is incredibly complex, especially when it comes to employers evaluating the value of the degree a job applicant has earned. The Ivy League instates in the States are recognized worldwide for the quality of their education and the high intelligence and achievement capability of their alumni. But underneath this tie, lie hundreds and thousands of institutions where the judgement call can be anything but clear, particularly to employers outside the United States.

This is where the UK system of university education has a clear, compelling advantage to employers worldwide. The UK universities are strictly regulated by the UK Government and all of them must conform to and deliver a defined level of education. At the same time, the UK universities must compete vigorously to attract UK students from the four nations that comprise the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In turn this means that each UK university identifies its strengths in terms of creating learning a career advantage – and plays to hose strengths with unwavering focus.

The UK universities boast some of the top ten ranked institutions in the world and many in the top 100, 300 and 500. As a whole, it is possibly the most rigorously assessed and internationally effective system anywhere. Interestingly, the Scottish Universities in the UK possibly compete most fiercely of any within the system because their home student market is relatively small while each of the universities is consistently ranked very highly with a long and proud history and international alumni base to boot. In this regard, Scottish universities have a reputation worldwide that is pretty much unbeatable.

The other significant advantage is that the Scottish Universities serve a very vibrant, highly diversified, massively entrepreneurial and socially inclusive economy. Which means that Scottish employers are always eager to recruit and employ Scottish graduates, no matter their country of origin, because they know that they are not only going to get a well-educated employee but someone with the passion and drive to make a difference at both the local and national economy level.

Everyone in Scotland is passionate about seeing Scotland achieve the very best it can by tapping its home-grown human talent while also seeing that talent shine globally, not least through the centuries old alumni networks established by Scottish Universities through the course of their amazing history at the forefront of the industrial revolution, the knowledge economy and now the co-creation economy, Economy 5.0.

The UK now offers work permits to overseas graduates. The UK is hungry to bring entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent into the country because it sees its future now very much based in the global rather than European economy. The UK boasts one of the most inclusive societies in the world with a long history of social, racial and religious tolerance. This means that it is easy to adapt to living in the UK and to find your home there. At the same time, the high calibre of the university system and world-class applied research capability, mean that you can study highly specialized degree options that open career options anywhere in the world in the global economy because the domain knowledge you have acquired is in high future demand.

Finally, the UK’s high speed roll out of its Covid inoculation plan for the whole population shows the country’s determination to provide a safe living environment while remaining open and accessible as global Britain to the whole world. As a student in the UK, you also benefit from access to the country’s National Health System, which means your health care needs are taken care of without the need for expensive private health insurance plans. You will also benefit from the very active duty of care that UK universities place on themselves to ensure all their students have a healthy work-life balance and are able to cope with the study demands and work pressure placed upon them.

Taken all together, this means that studying in the UK possibly offers the fastest track to a highly successful future-career entry in the global economy while ensuring an enjoyable study experience in a vibrant, dynamic and artistically diverse society that is second to none.

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