For many people, gaining an overseas education can seem complicated, confusing and unnecessary. The fact that so many people are uninformed causes overshadowing doubt which leads to people being hesitant to explore and commit to an overseas education. They either put the decision to study overseas off for a long time or, worse, they discard the idea of gaining overseas credentials altogether. But the simple truth of the matter is that a reputed overseas education qualification and university experience equips you for an economy 5.0 future in the global economy. This is like a risk-assurance on your potential future career success. It is far more likely that you will gain the skills and decision-making capability that destination global employers are looking at by choosing to study overseas, than if you remain at home without going out into the wider world. This is because overseas faculty have extraordinary depth and range in a wide range of emerging economy 5.0 domain arenas. These simply are the best starting points for your chosen career because all the go-t, destination employers in that domain arena are aware of the university’s preeminent position and the faculty’s unrivalled expertise. By going to this type of domain-expert research faculty-rich environment, you are putting yourself in the gaze of the global employers that matter to you and into a direct relationship with the faculty experts whose networks and contacts can be of direct help and benefit to you.

Investing in yourself for domain expertise lasts a lifetime

One of the prominent reasons people invest in overseas education is to ensure that they start a learning-to-learn mindset that lasts a lifetime. This used to be called lifelong learning. It is now more widely associated with an open mindset and the decision-making abilities to navigate complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity. These are the characteristics defining exponential threats and opportunities in the emerging, co-creative economic environment now characterized as Economy 5.0. Investing in your open mindset start in an overseas university with the highest reputation in the domain arena that matters to you, ensures that your high potential future pathways are always able to reference, use and build on this amazingly powerful starting point.

What’s most important here is that time really matters. If you are in the right place at the right time, it is much more likely that your intended high potential career will take off than if you are drifting aimlessly among yesterdays’ subject matter experts who may now be in the wrong country, offering the wrong qualification because they are failing to network and lead the community of rising company stars that are set to dominate the field.

Learning-to-learn leaves legacy

Your mind and life experience are among your most powerful assets. Choosing to study overseas, choosing to step into an overseas education, begins about a process that ends in legacy creation. This works because you are equipped to see the world and its opportunities differently than people who have only ever experienced and learned within one educational system. You have only to look around you to see the powerful and creative business leaders who are changing the national and global economy environment to realize that the true leaders are coming either from the very top, fiercely competitive and numerically tiny IIMs and IITs – or from the much wider and richer environment of leading domain sector expert universities in dynamic, innovative economies like the UK and Scotland.

Legacy is cross-generational:

Once you think about it, you will come to see that when you invest in changing your outlook on the world, you are creating an environment where you influence the way in which stakeholders who matter to you think and behave. Be the change you want to see in the world, Mahatma Gandhi said. Put another way, if you want to see your colleagues, co-creative collaborators, cofounders or heirs be successful, then there is no greater way to achieve this than modelling open mindset and unafraid decision-making because you understood and accessed all the advantages of an overseas education open to you right here right now on the threshold of economy 5.0 system change.

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Ask your best-reputed locally available Overseas Education Specialist for their view on where the best starting points for your intended career future and legacy proposition now lie in the overseas education systems available to you.

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